November 27, 2007

Beatzcast #57: Crambe Repetita


Todd Burns presents a mix of electronic music…


01: Ricardo Villalobos – Primer Encuentro Latino-Americano [buy]
02: Par Grindvik – Continue in My Words [buy]
03: Matt John – Olga Dancekowski (Audion Paradise Cafe Mix) [buy]
04: Dusty Kid – Luna (Tadeo Mix) [buy]
05: Paul Brtschitsch – Hook Up [buy]
06: Prosumer & Murat Tepeli feat. Elif Bicer – Turn Around (Cassy Smooth Mix) [buy]

November 26, 2007

Shit Robot – Chasm


For all the cock-rock expanse of the “Wrong Galaxy / Triumph” single, you could at least count on one thing – Shit Robot (aka Marcus Lambkin) wasn’t willing to paint in dollops of rock star excess. “Triumph” shared the blunted cosmic vibe that sunk Map of Africa’s album, but SR never sounded weighed down by the size of their tom-ticks and choirs – in fact, they sounded unusually limber.

The brood that opens “Chasm” doesn’t make it any easier to pin Lambkin down. Leaving the swarm of bees in the distance and shying away from the menacing shortcuts found in Vakant’s VST-patch-a-ya-ya, Shit Robot’s menace and melody sound absolutely ornate and anthemic, as the track vamps on a tin-drum, acid gurgles, and an arpeggiator set to the “Heater” shimmy. The B-side “Lonely Planet” sets its sights lower and recaptures the wide-eyed motorik expanse without resorting into bland homage. While neither side of Chasm will get the same tongue-wagging that has accompanied recent DFA signees Still Going and Holy Ghost, Lambkin might be even more deserving – his follow-up is a rung higher than his debut.

DFA / 2183
[Nate DeYoung]

November 19, 2007

Beatzcast #56: Crambe Repetita


Todd Burns presents a mix of electronic music…


01: Guy Gerber and Chaim – Saltamonte [buy]
02: Luca Bacchetti – Trust [buy]
03: M.I.A. – Can’t Find You (Kiki Remix) [buy]
04: Afrilounge – Lux Dementia [buy]
05: Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson – Rej [buy]

November 15, 2007

M. E. – R+B Junkie


Who can blame themselves for being way too preoccupied with that cyborg-looking nipple that slipped out early 2004, then overlooking Janet Jackson’s “R+B Junkie” and her somewhat underrated (somewhat) Damita Jo in the process. I certainly cannot! The extent to which I chased this edit down, having no idea who was on the hook, hearing those vocals and thriller 80s bass cascade some night at Studio B and never forgetting it, humming it to DJ friends who didn’t know fuck-all what I was talking about, then going to Studio B on Halloween on the off-chance I might hear the thing again and not have the not-balls to go up to the DJ and just ask him what it was–Christ I don’t think I’ve worked this hard in a while. So there I am dressed as Extremely Conspicuous Waldo, “a classic costume but with a twist” I tell people, and suddenly DJs Tim&Tim played it, IT, and I’m too pixellated to remember why I had even shown up in the first place, and I just keep dancing, and I forget to ask what it was.

A miracle: the next week (last week), they posted the mix with tracklist. Some quick Discog-ing and wiki-ing revealed all: Janet was all over this; the original “R+B Junkie” only got promo vinyl’d and fell off rather quickly because lady was pariah; M.E., the UK’s Mark E a/k/a the Jisco Music guy (one of those disco-edit or “songs that sound like disco edit” labels I always wish I kept more of a handle on) had edited the track. Repeat listens also revealed the hook went “I feel like bumping to some old school,” not “I feel like bumping to some law school.”

Anyway I’m in that bliss period with this track right now, just got the white label from some guy in Portland, then had a merely OK digital rip sent to me yesterday. I have this one on repeat–such a rare thing anymore. The sadomasochist in me wants to have more scavenger hunts like this, scribbling down lyrics half-drunk in the “what song is this” section of his Moleskine and then trying to figure out what I wrote the next morning, just like that Seinfeld episode, then googling for help or asking the right people. Same thing happened the first time I heard Theo’s edit of G.Q.’s “Lies”, though now everybody knows that one.

Golf Channel Recordings/ Channel-001
[Nick Sylvester]

November 12, 2007

Beatzcast #55: Crambe Repetita


Todd Burns presents a mix of electronic music…


01: Ada – Fizzman [buy]
02: HOSH – White Elephant [buy]
03: Takuya Morita – Woman and Shadow [buy]
04: Paul Brtschitsch – Hook Up [buy]
05: Still Going – On and On [buy]
06: Dominique Leone – Clairvoyage (A Medley By The 16th Rebels Of Mung) [buy]

November 9, 2007

dOP – Between the Blues

For a group that seemingly keeps both hands on the plow, dOP’s shamble-house is pretty sure-footed on “Allo Boom Boom.” Not wasting a second for atmosphere, the group gives one perfunctory chime and horn-swell before burrowing into their twisted drum-circle of a bassline. It’s tempting to call the rest of the track whimsical, as its quirks and builds disappear before your ears like a cosmic sandwich with less drugs. This is pretty much the type of humor and sound I expected Cobblestone Jazz to have before I, you know, actually heard them.

And with dOP’s background in hiphop, it’s easy to pair Between the Blues with another hip-hop-turned-house irreverent, DJ Koze. But let me offer a key difference – while Koze was figuring the most ergonomically sound way to stuff a tongue in his cheek, dOP were cracking up over jokes that begin with “like a mouse on a nipple…strolling.” And let me say, the trio have grown up to become fine gents because of it. Point in fact: I’d already worn out “Allo Boom Boom” and the sea-sick wallop of the Noze-assisted “Dopamen” well before the time I actually got around to listening to the predictable come-down of the title track.

Circus Company / CCS 022
[Nate DeYoung]

November 1, 2007

Coyote – Too Hard


Wherein I talk about the Aeroplane remix of this song that I heard on the October 9 edition of Beats In Space, guest-mixed by New York’s Runaway dudes. Pillowtalk: The Sequel is my initial thought, as the track begins with a patient thump, some amorphous misty synths, and a tambourine mixed to shame that Jet song that sounds like Iggy Pop (the only good thing Jet has ever done was that tambourine part). Except this “Sequel” is so much wetter, especially when the piano chords drop.

I hear this and rush to tell my post-Stylus BBTP buds how genuinely psyched I am that somebody picked up on the Quiet Village soft-focus Balearic vibe, ever since QV dropped off significantly post-“Pillow.” Seconds after writing, the song moved into this – I don’t know how to put it exactly – softporn soundtracking, not even Showtime post-midnight but something you might expect to get tracked behind a steamy scene from Models Inc — what the fuck? I’m not one to feel betrayed by a song but this comes close.

Is It Balearic? / ISIT 002
[Nick Sylvester]