February 23, 2010

#012: Absolutely Cuckoo

CoversJasonJonMichaelMike PNatashaSarah

Absolutely Cuckoo

Sarah: Vocals
Jon: Guitar, Distant Vocals
Mike P: Guitar
Michael: Percussion, Backing Vocals
Natasha: Piano
Jason: Ukulele, Harmonica

Our cover of the first track from 69 Love Songs, which we did with little forethought to rehearse, hence it sounding endearingly sloppy and loose. That’s kind of the norm around here, you know.

February 17, 2010

#011: Knot In The Middle Of The Room

Knot In The Middle Of The Room

Jason: Guitar, Vocals, Beatbox
Sarah: Vocals
Michael: Synths, Vocals, Beatbox

There was a knot of microphone cables lying on the floor, prompting Sarah to start singing about it. Jason throws in some percussive guitar and gets in a two bar rap in at the end, while Michael beatboxes and overdubs a synth-bass in later. Everyone get out your, Swiss army knives now.

February 8, 2010

#010: You Laid On My Bed

You Laid On My Bed

Jason: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Michael: Backing Vocals
Virginia: Backing Vocals, Percussion

It has become a running joke that we can not have a jam session without doing a doo-wop song, or at least a song with the I-vi-IV-V chord progression. This one started with all of us joking around that we were all lying on Michael`s bed, and Jason, pitched down an octave, then started singing about cold fronts, sleep apnea, and banana levies.

February 1, 2010

#009: Neckbone


Jason: Vocals
Virginia: Vocals, Shaker
Michael: Keyboards

Michael was playing some half-sung/half-spoken Stax records like I’ll Be The Other Woman by The Soul Children and Woman to Woman by Shirley Brown and asked if Virginia and Jason could reproduce something similar, and what came out was an old married couple arguing about a 10-cent wedding ring and some soul food…

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