May 24, 2010

#021: Bubble Tea


Bubble Tea

Sarah: Vocals
Michael: Guitar, Vocals

Our simple and spontaneous love song to the Taiwanese tea craze that is sweeping the edges of the country. Prettiness. Inside my cup now. I’m not so happy anymore that I don’t have you. The rest of the food we got from the bubble tea restaurant was not too good though.

May 5, 2010

#020: March of the (Bohemian) Pigs

AcapellaCoversJasonJonMichaelMike PSarah

March of the (Bohemian) Pigs

Sarah, Jason, Jon, Michael, Mike P: Vocals

Michael had it in his mind that an acapella/barbershop quartet version of this Nine Inch Nails tune would sound amazing. And on one fateful night he indeed got his wish, with a little bit of Bohemian Rhapsody unexpectedly tagged on at the end.

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