April 8, 2010

#017: Appalachian Valley / January Snow


Appalachian Valley / January Snow

Michael: Guitar, Vocals
Jason: Harmonica, Vocals
Sarah: Vocals
Virginia: Rattles, Intro Vocal
Arthur: Percussion, *Plastic*

Appalachian Valley, 1965. It was a difficult summer. I killed a man there once. There was red red blood all over the white white January snow, which was the cause of death. He knew he would take his clothes off in the whitest snow he had ever seen, amidst the hypothermia and the cocaine that hung out together like two bums on a train, doing January snow.

(This is our murder ballad soaked in heavy reverb. The incredibly apt gunshot sound at 0:16 was unplanned and came out of nowhere!)

January 28, 2010

#008: Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)


Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)

Sarah and Briana: Vocals
Michael: Guitar
Jason: Distant Ukulele
Christopher: Microphone Holding, Backing Vocals
Arthur: Percussion, Vocals

Our sing-along cover of the bubblegum classic by Edison Lighthouse.

January 14, 2010

#004: Crimson and Clover


Crimson and Clover

Sarah and Briana: Vocals
Michael: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Arthur: Bass, Backing Vocals
Jason: Percussion

Cover tunes happen frequently and spontaneously during our jam sessions, and are always a lot of fun. Here is a sparse version of a Tommy James classic.

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