August 27, 2010

#025: How Many Bags

How Many Bags

Jason: Guitar, Vocals
Debbie: Chorus Vocals
Virginia: Percussion, End Vocals
Michael: Percussion, Backing Vocals

Jason was on the truck, and he saw this man with a bag of glass in his hands. He looked at him and said: “Why?” He said “Fill this bag with vegetables,” and, after receiving them, proceeded to slice each of his veggies into three pieces with a pair of hedge clippers. “One for the father, one for the son, one for….” How many bags do you want for an eye? How many bags will you have her lug?

January 7, 2010

#002: Tamales



Jason: Guitar, Vocals
Michael: Percussion, Vocals
Debbie: Lead Vocals
Virginia: Percussion

Food is a reoccurring theme with TLE, and this song happened spontaneously after Virginia mentioned that she had just eaten some really good tamales down in Brighton.

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