August 28, 2010

#026: Little (In Your Stance)

Little (In Your Stance)

Jason: Guitar, Kazoo, Vocals
Michael: Vocals

Spoken-word acoustic doo wop, from one of our first recording sessions. Sometimes when you are standing up, it makes no sense…

February 8, 2010

#010: You Laid On My Bed

You Laid On My Bed

Jason: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Michael: Backing Vocals
Virginia: Backing Vocals, Percussion

It has become a running joke that we can not have a jam session without doing a doo-wop song, or at least a song with the I-vi-IV-V chord progression. This one started with all of us joking around that we were all lying on Michael`s bed, and Jason, pitched down an octave, then started singing about cold fronts, sleep apnea, and banana levies.

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