February 28, 2011

#036: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

CoversJasonMichaelMike PNatashaSarahVirginia

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Sarah: Vocals
Michael: Vocals, Percussion
Mike P: Guitar
Jason: Bass, Backing Vocals
Natasha: Keyboards
Virginia: Accordion

An attempted reggae-version of this golden oldie that devolves into a swinging accordion groove and a wonderfully-botched ending.

March 25, 2010

#015: Antonio’s Corpse

Antonio`s Corpse

Sarah: Vocals
Natasha: Piano
Jason: Vocals, Ukulele, Harmonica
Michael: Vocals, Bass
Virginia: Accordion
Mike P: Guitar

This was a melodramatic Tom Waits-style polka that we did, which not surprisingly turned out to be a lot of fun. Lyrics are all over the place, but basically, Michael is in a restaurant where paintings are walking around talking about him. They don`t like his belt. Jason then describes a corpse he is looking for. Sarah can`t find her Antonio. We tell her that we saw his corpse in the field yesterday. Jason says some things in Spanish, and then there are ice sculptures of dead swans. The end.

February 23, 2010

#012: Absolutely Cuckoo

CoversJasonJonMichaelMike PNatashaSarah

Absolutely Cuckoo

Sarah: Vocals
Jon: Guitar, Distant Vocals
Mike P: Guitar
Michael: Percussion, Backing Vocals
Natasha: Piano
Jason: Ukulele, Harmonica

Our cover of the first track from 69 Love Songs, which we did with little forethought to rehearse, hence it sounding endearingly sloppy and loose. That’s kind of the norm around here, you know.

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