January 31, 2011

#035: Neruda Out Of Balance

Neruda Out Of Balance

Virginia: Vocals
Mike P: Guitar
Jason: Bass
Michael: Percussion, Vocals

An attempt to swing some background music while Virginia reads some Spanish Neruda poetry on top. Out of balance, out of days, out of ways to cope with our three-wheeled feelings…

August 28, 2010

#026: Little (In Your Stance)

Little (In Your Stance)

Jason: Guitar, Kazoo, Vocals
Michael: Vocals

Spoken-word acoustic doo wop, from one of our first recording sessions. Sometimes when you are standing up, it makes no sense…

March 25, 2010

#015: Antonio’s Corpse

Antonio`s Corpse

Sarah: Vocals
Natasha: Piano
Jason: Vocals, Ukulele, Harmonica
Michael: Vocals, Bass
Virginia: Accordion
Mike P: Guitar

This was a melodramatic Tom Waits-style polka that we did, which not surprisingly turned out to be a lot of fun. Lyrics are all over the place, but basically, Michael is in a restaurant where paintings are walking around talking about him. They don`t like his belt. Jason then describes a corpse he is looking for. Sarah can`t find her Antonio. We tell her that we saw his corpse in the field yesterday. Jason says some things in Spanish, and then there are ice sculptures of dead swans. The end.

March 6, 2010

#013: Doctor


Sarah: Vocals
Michael: Keyboard

A monologue where Sarah plays a therapist who manipulates their patients into doing violent things…

February 1, 2010

#009: Neckbone


Jason: Vocals
Virginia: Vocals, Shaker
Michael: Keyboards

Michael was playing some half-sung/half-spoken Stax records like I’ll Be The Other Woman by The Soul Children and Woman to Woman by Shirley Brown and asked if Virginia and Jason could reproduce something similar, and what came out was an old married couple arguing about a 10-cent wedding ring and some soul food…

January 4, 2010

#001: Biscuit World

Biscuit World

Virginia: Vocals
Michael: Piano, Vocals

This is the first song we finished, and was pretty much the impetus for all the songs that followed. Virginia tells us all about one of her favorite places down south…

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