September 29, 2010

#031: Noodles


Virginia, Steve, Michael: Vocals

Virginia and Steve started doing this tandem set of “doodle doodle” vocals and this almost-rehearsed sounding acapella piece came out spontaneously. We also play up the fact that Steve grew up pronouncing the word “Guitar” without the letter U.

September 22, 2010

#030: Moonshine



Michael: Piano, Bass, Synth
Jason: Vocals, Guitar
Steve: Vocals
Virginia & Sarah: Percussion

One of our favorite styles: the loose acoustic blues jam, where everyone seems to play in different rooms at the same time. Steve has been travelling since he was nine years old. Been wandering down on the bayou, with the waves lapping at his legs like a puppy getting his first taste of mother`s milk. Mother`s milk mixed with Moonshine. Old Pops out in the woods would jump out from nowhere, under the influence of that moonshine. He loved that stuff.

June 27, 2010

#023: Horseradish


Steve: Vocals
Virginia: Guitar
Michael: Vocals, Bass

The hazy, muddy moans of horse. Steve is singing gibberish. It`s not horse radish, but jabber rash. Doesn`t jibberish sound like jabber rash? He caught some jabber rash on his arm with some gibberish. You plant a horse and you get a radish. Steve was saddle-sore on his chest and it didn’t hurt. Things were riding his chest all day long. Riding it wrong, all day long.

March 15, 2010

#014: Milkshake



Virginia: Guitar
Michael & Steve: Vocals

Steve is our resident Canadian, and a big fans of the blues. The microphone wire kept shorting out during this recording, so there are random blasts of static going on while we sang about milkshakes.

(image courtesy of NickSS)

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